Fans In A Bathroom

Why do we need to ventilate a bathroom

There are various reasons to ventilate your house:

1) Mould

2) Condensation

3) Toxic Gases

4) Carbon Emissions

5) Stale and Stuffy Air.

The two main issues in a bathroom are Condensation and Mould.

Condensation forms when the temperature of a surface, walls . mirrors etc, is below the dew point of the surrounding air. This leads to streaming windows and walls and ultimately to mould.

Mould occurs due to unchecked levels of moisture and relative humidity combined with suitable areas for its growth, such as wood, carpets, and wallpaper.

The mildew forms in wall cavities and small crevices,its microscopic spores van be inhaled causing breathing issues.

Extracting moist air is therefore important.

The use of a wall fan or ceiling fan is paramount to reduce the effects of Mould and Condensation in your Bathroom and Kitchen.

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