About Plumbstation (UK)

Plumbstation (UK) is a local bathroom specialist and plumbers’ merchant based in Kippax, near Leeds, West Yorkshire. The business was started in earnest in January 2010, and has since grown from being a simple plumbing parts retailer to a full-service bathroom specialist. Simultaneously, our customer base and reputation have both increased and developed.

From the very start we wanted to make a different kind of business. Our industry has become dominated by faceless national companies that have no character. That's why, from day one, we've concentrated on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in our shop. We like to think we have good character as people, and that we have embodied that in our business too. We hope that you find working with us to be enjoyable. We are two good-natured, local lads and we enjoy what we do. As you can see from our mug shots, we are also young and dashing. Well, we do have a good sense of humour at least. 

If you come and visit our showroom you may be surprised by the amount of laughter you hear. That's just the way we do things; we run our business with a smile and in good spirits. Don't let that fool you, though, into thinking that we're not serious about what we do. We take our work and the quality of our services very seriously. We're proud to offer our customers the benefits of more than 50 years’ combined experience in the industry, which may surprise you given how young we are. 

When you work with us, you're working with good people who know what they're doing and actually care about what they do. From start to finish you'll be treated well; you'll know who you're working with and that they're only a phone call or email away. If you've got a plumbing-related project in mind, please get in touch with us or simply come and visit us - we'd love to meet you.

CONTACT our bathroom specialists now, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to find out more about our work.

Nick Bratley

Nick has more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, and when not working on bathrooms, he enjoys snowboarding and archery. You can contact him via email at n.bratley@plumbstationuk.co.uk.

John Haigh

John has more than 20 years’ plumbing experience, which is amazing given he's only 21. Outside of work, he enjoys snowboarding and motorcycling. To get in touch with John, email him at johnhaigh@plumbstationuk.co.uk.

Our Work Process

  • Home Assessment - Our process starts by checking out your space so we know what you're working with.
  • Showroom – We then invite you to our showroom so you can see some of our pieces and get a feeling for what you want.
  • Design and Ordering – Together, we design your new bathroom. You select what you want and then we order it. 
  • Installation - When your bathroom arrives, our experienced and expert tradesmen come and install it for you.